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Bridal Shower Favors (DIY)

I'm just looking for some ideas that myself & my girls can make for my bridal shower favors. I want to do something practical for all of the ladies that come. My sister-in-law personalized pot-holders... I was thinking like cookie-cutters, but I feel like that's overdone. Our wedding is on New Year's Eve and we're doing a winter/snowflake theme. The shower is in November, the week before Thanksgiving. Any ideas would be much appreciated!! :) Thank you girls!

Re: Bridal Shower Favors (DIY)

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    You could do snowfake ornaments.  I would stay away from anything with your names or wedding dates though.  I've been happy with small scented candles and a purse size lotions, but those are also overdone. 

    We had our first shower yesterday and FMIL took my favorite candy, and FI's favorite candy and put them in small favor boxes, and wrapped them with ribbon.  It was cute because it was personal, and they went over well because they were edible. 

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