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okay for a shower dress?

I bought this, I'm thinking about wearing it to my bridal shower, but I also think it may be to neutral/monochrome. Do you think I should wear something lighter/brighter/fresher?

(Sorry about the bad picture, my camera doesn't take pictures into a mirror very well.)

Another dress I'm thinking about. I ordered it online, haven't seen it in person yet.

I like them both. Maybe I'll wear the 1st to one shower and the 2nd to another shower.

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Re: okay for a shower dress?

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    They both could be great for showers. But I do agree the first one is a little monotone as you were wearing it. I think it would work a lot better if you had some accessories that really popped, like a really cute pair of heels.
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    ditto to PP. It's a monochromatic color, but could definitely be spruced up with some cute shoes, colorful necklace and pulling your hair back. Since your hair is long and wavy, like the ruffles on the dress, I think that pulling to back would also help create a less monochromatic look.
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