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I need your help - I hate shower games!

My wedding is in April and my Mom wants to throw me a shower in March.  I'm sitting here trying to make up a guest list and it occurs to me that I have no idea what we're going to do at my shower.  In the past I've avoided bridal and baby showers like the plague.  I hate the stupid games they always make you play!  Anyway, without the silly games, it seems like the whole point of the day will be to eat food and open presents, which on the one hand sounds like fun and on the other hand feels kinda selfish.  I'm not saying I don't want to have one.  I think it woud be a great way for some of my family to get to know some of his a little bit better.  I guess I'm just looking for some ideas for some fun (and inexpensive) things to do besides wrapping people in toilet paper and the like.
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Re: I need your help - I hate shower games!

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    A lot of epople don't like those games, so you might be surprised.

    What do you usually do at get together when there are no games? You talk. You socialize. You guys will be fine without games.

    If you want, you can play minimal games, like guess how many jelly beans are in the jar or bridal shower gift bingo. The rest of the time can be spent eating and talking or what ever.
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    Agree with previous poster and would add, I too dont enjoy the games, but love me some gift bingo.
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    Skip the games.  Enjoy the food.  Enjoy the gift opening.  Enjoy the party.

    (I hate shower games as well.)
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    I hate the games, but accept that they do help with ice breaking. A couple of the best ones I've seen is having everyone who's coming decorate a page with a word of advice, to be read out loud and made into a book. Another was "Bridal Shower Bingo" where the guests each get Bingo Cards, and instead of numbers the squares have common Bridal Shower gifts. As you open presents, they cross off the gifts that you open from their cards, etc. (rules of Bingo). I thought that one was kind of cool because it gives the guests something to do while you're opening presents other than just sitting and watching you.

    The last Bridal Shower I went to, we divided up into 4 teams and we had to make a drink called "The Kathryn" (the bride's name). We had our choices of little alcohol bottles and mixers. You got points for presentation, etc. and also for coming up with WHY this is her signature drink. The Bride then tasted all of them, and listened to the explanations ("It's sweet, just like you", "It's rimmed with salt, because you have to get past your crusty exterior to get to the delicious awesomeness", etc). That was a lot of fun.

    Really though, as long as you've got a fun group of people, they'll socialize and get to know each other and just enjoy relaxing together. Most of them will be relieved they can just get to know the people around them without playing some cheese game.
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    games are not everyone's favorite thing.... here are two ideas for "activities" instead-

    Have your mom (or whoever is hosting) put out sticky notes and pens and ask all the attendants to give you advice.... that will give them something to do other than eat and watch you open presents. You can either read the advice out loud in front of everyone, have them read what they wrote or just wait until you get home and read them yourself. 

    Another idea is to ask everyone who is already married to bring a picture of themselves on their wedding day in a small frame. Put them all around the room and it will generate conversation. For the single ladies ask them to bring a picture of their mother or grandmother instead.... 

    Don't forget to enjoy every single second of it!
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    I went toa bridal shower last year  no games were played and i had an ejoyable time. I was actually relived that there were no games cause I also dislike them.  So I agree with most the other posters skip the games and have fun

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    At my cousins wedding instead of games everybody brought a picture of the bride or the groom and everybody made a scrapbook page. Then we put them all together into a scrapbook and she displayed it at the wedding. We had a LOT of fun.
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