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The ladies at my church do a "Ladies Lingerie Party" for the new bride. Its for only married woman to come to and shower the bride with lingerie and advice. The ladies hosting my shower are all younger and I know them pretty well. I am on a TIGHT budget, but I wouldl ike to give them a little thank you gift. AND I would like to know what you think of this idea...

I can give each lady a new pair of cute panties and a copy of a certain work out DVD. I would LOVE this gift.. I love work out DVDs and who doesn't enjoy panties.. is this an ok gift??

Next, I am having a breakfast bridal shower. For these hostess gifts I was thinkin of doin coffee mugs with something inside of them. But thats where I am stuck.. what do I put IN them??? I need something nice but not too expensive at all...

Suggestions would be nice :)

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    I don't think most women would appreciate a work out DVD. I know I wouldn't. I would try to keep your gifts more neutral, like a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant. 
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    I don't think a work out DVD would be a good idea. Panties are hard to choose unless you know the style/size/material each person prefers.

    PP had a great idea, gift card.
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    I like the mug idea.  Maybe fil it with ingredients for hot chocolate and a few marshmallows.  That wouldn't break the bank.  The work out DVD ehh not so much a fan.  Maybe getting something that smells nice to put in their lingerie drawer.  Cheese cloth, ribbon, and some quality potpourri would do the trick. 

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    I say just a thank you note, and maybe a $5-$10 gift card to starbucks or something.  I think a workout dvd is very presumptuous and can be taken the wrong way even though it is unintended.  As for the coffee mug - fill with coffee, or hot cocoa, cider, candy?  Anything cheap and edible!  Good luck deciding :)
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