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how late is too late for an eparty?

My fiance and I have been engaged since the end of June. We moved to Arkansas last year from Phoenix my hometown to be near his family. We both managed to get good job offers and will be moving back to Arizona in December. All of my family and most of our friends live in Phoenix, and my sister and maid of honor decided she wants to throw us an engagement party there, since we haven't seen or gotten to celebrate our engagement with that group.

While I hesitate to pass up a party, lol, I'm worried by the time we have that party, being engaged will be old news. I mean, we will wait until mid January for everyone to be over the holidays, but it seems silly because we already will have been engaged a while. The wedding won't be until November 2013. But really, how late is too late for an engagement party?
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Re: how late is too late for an eparty?

  • Meh. It's fine.

    I'm not a fan of engagement parties in general, but it appears like your family would really love to throw one, so accept it if you're comfortable with the idea.

  • We got engaged last November and did not have the engagement party until this past July due to health issues. We are getting married next June. I believe that the party should be closer to the date of the engagement than the date of the wedding.
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