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RD invites?

I am wondering if it is necessary to send out RD invitations? This might be a question better directed towards the "Invites and Paper" forum but I am just not sure of what to do. We are having a very casual RD...just a BBQ at our house and I was thinking about doing cute evites but my FI seems to think that everyone will be getting enough invitations already as it is (bridal shower, b-parties, ect) and he wants to invite everyone by word of mouth but would it be tacky to do that? Or is it ok to invite by word of mouth for the RD?

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Re: RD invites?

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    It is perfectly ok to invite people to the RD by word of mouth. You can do internet invitations or paper invitations though too, it is just a matter of preference.

    If you do invite people by word of mouth make sure it is understood that their SOs are invited as well!
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    It's fine to invite by word of mouth, but we found it easier to send out invitations.  Since we were having the RD at a restaurant we needed a headcount for how many people and guests were coming.  Also, DH kept on getting calls from his GMs who kept forgetting the RD and other details, so it helped to give them something in writing.
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    You don't need to. But at least send out an email, it's always nice to have the details written down so there's no confusion.
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    Invites aren't necessary. For my sister's RD everyone that was at the rehersal went to dinner. They didn't need an exact number for the place they reserved though..just a guesstimate, so that probably helped too.
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    We did RD invitations only because we had such a large bridal party and we didn't want us and our parents getting a ton of phone calls and text messages at the last minute asking "What time?" or "Where?" or "How do I get there?" and it worked out perfectly because everyone had the invite with the time and location and directions on the other side for those who still don't have a GPS.

    Do I think they're necessary? Definitely not, we just did them to help things run smoother in the days leading up to it.
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    We sent emails with the whens and wheres and then at the rehearsal had little directions sheets to get to the restuarant in case anyone didn't have the info with them.
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    Thank you all for the suggestions. Our wedding party is large enough that I think I will go ahead and either do an evite or just email everyone the information so everyone knows when and where to go. It would be nice to avoid any last minute confusion!

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    what is RD?
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