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Sorry for the double somehow ended up on reception ideas :/

Hi ladies! Hoping I can get a little insight on something. While I'm married now and all is good, I'm having a little trouble dealing with some hurt feelings regarding my bachelorette party. First and foremost, I am so completely grateful that my girls even threw me one, they absolutely didn't have to ( and I made it clear that it def. wasn't necessary). But they insisted on me having one so I went with it. They asked me if I wanted to do anythign in particular and I said that I would love to have it in Atlantic City. So they set to work planning.

Or so I thought. The original plans were AC and all I knew is that they were trying to pick a good date. Next thing I know, AC was out and they wanted to do a cooking class (which I was really excited for) and bar hopping in Hoboken. Sounded pretty awesome. A week before the party, one of my bridesmaids said that the private cooking class had a minimum head count and that several people had backed out and we no longer had enough people to have the class. But we would still do Hoboken and dinner. At this point I'm slightly disappointed but it's still fine. Then the night before the party, 2 bridesmaids said that they would come to Hoboken but that they had to be up early and thus would be leaving around 10pm. Then they began talking about transportation and who was going to drive and it was just a hodpodge of nonsense. What ended up happening: dinner and a bar in our town because no one wanted to go to Hoboken.

Now I'm hurt because all of this felt like it was thrown together and that no one really cared. I hope this doesn't sound too selfish but all of those girls are married. For their parties, people asked them what they wanted to do and they made sure to deliver. Just recently, I found out that one of the girls was newly pregnant (so happy for her because she had been trying for awhile) and decided that she didn't want to go to Hoboken because it was too far for her and she was going to be tired. It was her decision to stay local. Also found out that these same 2 girls decided against AC because they have kids and didn't want to go. I feel really slighted because a handful of the girls planned the party around what they wanted instead of thinking about what I wanted. Nothing can be done at this point but I'm having a hard time getting past these feelings. Advice?
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