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Engagement party or not? (& on a budget!)

Hello All.  Happy Holidays!! I am struggling with the idea of having an engagement party or not. I do not know the etiquette for this event.  My MOH suggested having at a restaurant & ppl pay for themselves. My FH & i are the kind of ppl that don't want ppl to pay for themselves if we invite them out. But being on limited funds, I was thinking of having something at our house but the bridal party has at least 20 ppl & the guest list is 150 but we know all will not come to the engagement party due to being in other states. We think maybe 50 ppl will come. I don't know how I feel about having that many ppl in our house at once. Undecided
Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate any. Smile

Re: Engagement party or not? (& on a budget!)

  • I thought someone was supposed to offer to throw you the party. I could be wrong on this, though. The idea is that you're not supposed to throw a party where you yourself are the guest of honor. Not that you can't have a party. I just would leave the words engagement and wedding out of it.
  • Thank you both for the advice. I think I know how to handle this now. :-)
  • We are also on a budget and we did not have an engagement party. We thought it wasn't necessary and that if we are having everything else (shower, bachelorette, etc.), why bother? 
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