Pre-wedding Parties

Wedding Party Getaway ???!!! HELP!

Hello! I'm the bride and have been asked by a few of my bridesmaids if there is anything special we are going to do for the wedding party. My wedding is in May of next year and I thought I had enough time to plan it. Some are expecting to do a weekend getaway, co-ed or just an all gals night, my question is: Would I be the one planning both getaways?? 
My fiance and I want to throw a party for all of our bridal party, but we weren't planning a weekend getaway.... I think that may just add up to my stress... 
Any ideas? Maybe a small co-ed getaway with games and just hanging out... Any ideas near S.D. County..?? 
OR any ideas for fun parties or things we can do together that don't require a lot of work or money on my behalf??..

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