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Bachelorette party ideas May 2013

Hi, I'm hosting/planning a bachelorette party in Minneapolis mn in May, what would be some good fun daytime activities to do because we will are also planning on goin out and doing stuff at night to. Thanks

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    We went to a spa for our daytime portion. It depends on what kind of activities the party attendees are into. How about miniature golf? Don't try to plan too much b/c the earlier it starts, the more tired you will be and maybe not up for any nighttime activities. So if you want to go late into the night, keep that in mind.
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  • I second the spa, or going to the Aveda Institute or another beauty school for manis/pedis, or something like that.
    If it's nice out, you could do segway tour, or maybe go to Centennial Lakes or something (I'm in Mpls too).  Or, host a Pure Romance party or something in the late afternoon before you go out.

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