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Hi Knotties

I am planning my rehearsal dinner and have a question about invitations.  I have a weird, super nerdy love for stationery so I like the idea of rehearsal dinner invitations.  There are some super cute ones I've seen that are just so much fun.  I plan on inviting some out of town family that don't need to be at the actual rehearsal, so I thought it might be useful as well to have an invitation.

However, the ones I've seen all say something about "honouring the bride and groom" at the RD and specifically state who is hosting.  We are hosting our RD (and wedding) so this would be super weird if we used that wording and obviously we won't send out invitations saying that we are hosting a dinner to honour ourselves :)   I always think of the RD as a chance for us to thank our bridal party and family flying in for the wedding etc, but I guess maybe I was wrong.

If I change the wording do you think I can send invites if we are hosting it ourselves? Or will it be seen as rude?  

Thanks everyone!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Invites

  • We aren't hostng our own rehearsal dinner, but we sent invites anyway since we need to know each person's food selection. We also added an insert about when and where the actual rehearsal is for those that need to be at both.

    Here is the wording we used for the invitation:

    A Rehearsal Dinner in anticipation of

    Bride & Groom's big day,

    We wouldn't celebrate any other way

    Than in the company of our family and friends.

    Please join us Thursday night

    In great food, wine, and conversation we'll delight

    Before the bride and groom unite.


    Thursday, March 28th at 7:00 PM


    123 West Main Street

    Smalltown, Arizona

    Here is the insert wording:

    Guest, please join Bride and Groom

    for a rehearsal of their ceremony

    in preparation for the big day

    on Thursday, March 28th at 6:00 PM

    at Venue

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