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Comedy Hypnotist at Bachelorette Party?

Has anyone looked into having a comedy hypnotist at their (or someone else's) bachelorette party?  I think it would be really fun and unique, but am afraid it would be really expensive.  When I look it up online most of the sites advertise for corporate/large events and don't have prices listed.  Interested in people's advice/thoughts if you've had one, been to a party with one, or have looked into it.  I'd be looking to have one in Minnesota.

Re: Comedy Hypnotist at Bachelorette Party?

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    If all they list are for corporate events I would imagine it's pretty expensive. You could try posting on your local board if you're really serious about finding someone though.
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    These are usually for big groups.  When I've seen a hypnotist, it's in an auditorium and out of say 100 people, 5 fall under.  So the odds of anyone falling under at a b-party are slim.

    Even then, this is a highly specialized form of entertainment, so I'm assuming it won't come cheap.  I don't know if you're the bride or a BM, but if you're the bride you definitely shouldn't be telling your BMs to hire a hypnotist that might cost thousands.  If you're the BM, then you need to make this a collective decision with the other BMs.
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    Thanks everyone!  That was helpful.  I am the bride and just thought of the idea yesterday.  I agree that it probably would be too expensive.  I would only want one if they did smaller gatherings and didn't cost more than a few hundred dollars, but I don't think that is possible.  Thought I would see if anyone else had looked into it/done it before deciding if I wanted to pursue the idea further (or express the idea to my MOH/BMs).  Think I'll just get rid of the idea from my head! Thanks again :-)
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    I actually was asked for ideas by my MOH and BMs and they wanted to do something unique and different.  Usually my friends end up getting a party bus and paying a few hundred dollars (which then gets split by 20-30 ppl so it's at most $20/each).  However, I'm not really for the whole party bus thing so this would have been something different but not at a higher cost.  I posted this question to find out if anyone else had ever done the idea or looked into it, but guess no one has, so question answered. 
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