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Hi ladies,
I'm no longer on TK for my own wedding, but am now the MOH in a friend's wedding.  I'm hosting the bridal shower and am looking for some advice on the planning process.  How much should I involve the bride in decisions beyond the guest list (i.e. picking out invitations, drinks, food, etc)?  Do I just pick what I think she would like and is in my price range, or should I be giving her options and asking her preference?


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    Since the party is in the Bride's honor, it is a good idea to consider her preferences, though it is ultimately up to you. I am hosting my best friend's shower, and though I know her well, she appreciates that I've asked her what she would like out of it.

    Questions I've asked her are pretty open, and regard:

    -wedding colors incorporation
    -food preferences
    -dietary restrictions of guests
    -any games she would love/hate to see
    -music she would like
    -If her mom wants to be involved
    -time of day she prefers

    Have fun!
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    You obviously have the final say.  However, she would probably really appreciate having a say in some decisions.  My FI's family have asked my opinions for different aspects of the shower but are making most decisions on their own which is nice because they care to incoprorate my preferences and style in the shower but still are making final decisions on everything.  My mom has also discussed her ideas for the shower on her side of the family, and is taking my opinions into consideration. Example: She loves the color green, I love the color pink...she was discussing color scheme and decor with me and decided a pink shower fit me very well.  I decided not to go with pink as my wedding color so she decided it would work great for a shower. 

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    You could always ask her if she wants you to do it yourself or if she wants to make some choices. For my sister's shower, I just wanted to have a party in her honor with none of the typical shower games.  I asked her and found out she really wanted the games because it wouldn't feel like a shower to her without them, but didn't really care about anything else.  For mine, if they ask, I'll tell them to skip the games (or at least keep them to a minimum) and then do whatever they want.. they're the ones paying for it!

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