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Our venue only does rehearsals Tuesday-Thursday due to their event schedule on the weekends.  All of our family members live out of town but many of the bridal party members are local.  Is it appropriate to have a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner without  family?  Any thoughts?

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    The only people that have to come to the rehersal dinner are those directly involved in the wedding.  If the only day that you can have a rehersal at the venue is Thursday, then schedule the dinner that day.

    One thing to consider, we did our rehersal at our house because of the same issues.  Have it in your backyard or living room.  Remember, it is a wedding not a football game.  You don't need a lot of practice to get it right.  People walk down the aisle. Some sit, some stand, some get up to read.  You say what you say and groom says what he is going to say and officiant says what he is going to say and then you kiss.  You can rehearse that anywhere.  That will solve your problem.  You can do that on Friday when families can attend.
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    You could have the rehearsal dinner without the families (if you are paying for it).

    Or, have the rehearsal and dinner at a different location from your wedding venue, so that everyone can be included.

    Or, if your wedding party doesn't mind scheduling two events that week. Have a quick rehearsal at the venue, during the week. Have the dinner on the night when the families arrive.
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    Have you considered rehearsing at a different location other than the actual location of the ceremony? That's what we did and it worked out perfectly. We just did a backyard rehearsal, and we were going to use my parent's church as a backup plan in the event of rain. You don't have to rehearse in the same exact place that the ceremony will be held especially if a lot of key members can't make it. I have pictures in my married bio of our backyard RD if you'd like to see how that turned out.

    All you need to rehearse is where everyone's standing and what order they walk down the aisle in. You can do that anywhere, and then provide refreshments or a dinner afterwards for those who were involved. HTH!
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