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I was curious how I should go about letting those who are invited to the RD that drinks are on them. We are paying for their food and soft drinks but would like them to pay for their alcohol if they so choose to have it. Do I post this on the menu card or just do word of mouth?
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Re: RD Menu

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    I would say just forgo alcohol if you don't plan on paying for it.  Or have a cheaper meal so that you can pay for it.  There's not requirement of booze at the RD though.
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    Word of mouth or don't say anything. Actually, I'm leaning towards not saying anything. People will survive for one dinner without booze.
    Have you considered having just wine and beer? WOuld you be able to cut costs on something else for this?
    Either way, pleeeease don't put this info on the menu card or anything like that.
  • stephasuasustephasuasu member
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    Don't ask anyone to pay for anything, but set up a beverage menu in advance with the restaurant. Have them only offer draft beer or house wine in order to save money. We did open bar at the RD, but we had the option of limiting the bar to only beer and wine in order to save $$.
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    Just don't mention it. They will figure it out. We only had a few different types of wine available at the RD. Any other drinks were on the guests. Honestly, not a lot of people drank bc our RD was not until like 7:30 pm and our wedding was at 1pm the next day.
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    Don't put it on the invites.

    If guests ask, then tell them. Otherwise, don't mention it. Just leave any alcohol off the menu and they should get the point.

    Or like other PP's have suggested, host one type of beer and wine and let them pay for any hard liquor or other brands they want.

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