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Bridal shower game idea

This was too good to keep on one board, so apologies for cross posting. :)

I found the funniest bridal shower game on It's called "Model the Teddy", and here's how it works: Take a teddy bear and gift wrap it in a box or bag. Then, tell guests that they're basically going to play "Hot Potato" with the box/bag, but there's a twist--the person left holding it when the time is up gets to model the teddy. Set a timer for a minute, then let the fun ensue (the ladies in question will be frantic to get the item out of their hands as fast as possible). When the time is up, tell the person with the box/bag to go into the bathroom so they can model the teddy. When the crowd finds out it's an actual teddy bear, they'll cry laughing--and the guest gets to keep the bear for being such a good sport. :)

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    haha, that sounds like a pretty funny game with the right crowd!  It might be good for a lingerie party to get things going.  Thanks for sharing.
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