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Bachelorette Party in Vegas!!!!!

Hey girls,

I was just wondering for those of you who have gone to Vegas for bachelorette parties, what are some good ideas?  The bride does not want to go to a club or a male strip club, so we are thinking a fun dinner and a nice lounge.  Do you girls have any ideas?  Thanks!


Re: Bachelorette Party in Vegas!!!!!

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    what about on top of the stratusphere (sp?)
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    Hey There...I took my best friend to Vegas for her Bachlerorette Party in March and now my girls are taking me back next week for my own! I wanted to pass on the information given to me about my Bach Party--It's a great deal. I'm also not into strippers. Theyre gross. I want a food and drink-filled night with my girls!

    In the hotel Encore...

    We're doing the "Society Cafe Encore: Still Single Bachelorette Menu"
    For $58 per girl, we get an appetizer for the table, a Main Entree, and a dessert.

    Also included in the $58 is complimentary admission to Blush Surrender Nightclub before 11pm the night of your party as well.
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