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Bachelorette Party gifts for guests

For my bachelorette party, about 10 girlfirends and I are going to Las Vegas for four days. I really want to surprise everyone with a gift, to say thank-you for coming. I want something they'll actually use. I was thinking about personalized LV survival bags, but with the travel that could be difficult to pull off. Any ideas?

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  • I put together little goodie bags for one of my friend's bachelorette partys in vegas last year. The girls loved them, they each had a hot pink lace Vicky Secrets thong in them, lipgloss, gum, advil, travel sized shot, hershey kisses and eye drops :-) If you don't have the room to pack gift bags for everyone, then I would say the girls most loved the undies. They tell me to this day they are their fav pair and makes it fun to all have a fun matching pair of undies on one night in vegas. You could even personalize them somehow with crystals or puffy paint with their initial to make it fun.

    I'm going to vegas in June for my bachelorette party this year and can't wait! I did the goodie bags last year for my friend's and now don't think I'm going to do the same thing again.
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  • I'm a very light, cautious packer so any added stuff might annoy me. I'd prefer you to give me the gift before we leave, so I can decide if I want to take it with me or after we get back so I can appreciate it then.
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    I love the idea of a bachelorette survival kit.  I think that would fun and easy to pull off.  You could get more ideas just google " diy Bachelorette Survival Kit" and you could find some more ideas. 

    Or you could ship the items to your hotel room - I would think.

    Have fun.  I just found out my friend wants a Bachelorette winery tour - I need to get to thinking.  I've NEVER done a winery tour (don't like wine - I know it's outrageous).

    I'll have to post the question on here.
    Thanks and have FUN.  I would much rather go to vegas.  Oh include suntan lotion!!
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  • Why not treat them to a meal or show or something?  That would be more appreciated in my book. 
  • Thanks for the advice and tips! I'll give this some more thought! And a wine tour sounds wonderful, it would have been my second choice. Even if you aren't a wino, many wineries have amazing food, so if you're a foodie you're in luck. I highly recommend doing a food and wine pairing day
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