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Engagement Party, who comes?

My fiance and I have been engaged for a year and half, but we just started planning the wedding. Everyone already knows we are getting married but my FMI is planning an enegagement party. My question is, who gets invited? I want our families there and my bridal party but what about like close friends that aren't in the wedding party?
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Re: Engagement Party, who comes?

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    loop0406loop0406 member
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    Even if your friends aren't in WP, they can still be invited. An engagement party is to announce your engagement, your family and his mingle
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    banana468banana468 member
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    As long as the people at the party will be invited to  the wedding, it's fine to have other friends.  Just make sure that the guest list doesn't get too big for FMIL.
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    chrissy31805chrissy31805 member
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    i would say close friends, close family members, and wedding party. you can have your immediate aunts, uncles, and cousins but once it gets to your dad's cousin or your FMIL's aunt then that's going a little crazy.
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    Kristin789Kristin789 member
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    1.  Engagement parties are held in month two, month three, or month four after the engagement.  Not month 18.

    2.  But your FMIL can host some kind of BBQ or open house, and she can invite whoever she wants - which could include close friends of the couple.

    Because you asked and other people might be interested, here is the information for engagement parties:


    The bride's family hosts the first e-party, to introduce the groom to the bride's extended family.  Guest list = bride's extended family, bride's immediate family, wedding party, and the groom's parents.

    The groom's family usually hosts an e-party, to introduce the bride to the groom's extended family.  Guest list = groom's extended family, groom's immediate family, wedding party, and the bride's parents.

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    I don't believe it was appropriate to have an engagement party within the first four months of my engagement. I was still in college and we had not picked a date for the event, we weren't even sure how soon we would be getting married. I believe I am still allowed an engagement party if I want one.

    I also have never heard of having two seperate parties! That is a lot of money well wasted in my opinion. This party to me would be a celebration of the engagement and just an overall fun time for our family and friends.

    My original question was who gets an invite to the engagement party not if I have passed the time "allowed" to have an engagement party. Thanks for the additional information on who to invite though. I really just wanted to know if it would be ok to invite my college roomates that are not in my wedding party but might think they would be in the wedding party.

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