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Who to invite to a lingerie shower?

My FIs cousins wife is having me a lingerie shower. I have already had 2 Bridal showers. She needs addresses for who I want to invite. I'm just wondering is it okay to invite to the same girls to the lingerie shower that came to the other showers? I just always worry about other people and them feeling like they have to spend lots of money...

Re: Who to invite to a lingerie shower?

  • Since you've already had two showers, if the guest list will overlap, you should politely decline.  As a guest, if I had spent $50 or so on a shower gift, and then got an invite to another shower where I'd spend $50 or so, and THEN also need to purchase a wedding gift from FI and would really add up, and I'd be declining the second shower.

    Tell her it was very nice of her to offer, but that you've already had two showers and don't feel comfortable having a 3rd.  Or, accept and make sure the guest lists don't overlap.
  • Yeah, traditional etiquette says that no one (except moms, grandmas, and wedding party members) should be invited to more than one shower.
  • Thank you ladies for help! I think we are going to do a luncheon and leave the lingerie thing optional. If they want to bring something, then they can. If not, then That's completely fine. We are going to treat it more as just a get together with the bride to hang out. And I'm only inviting the girls in the wedding. Maybe a few that didn't get to attend one of the other showers because of work or being out of town. Thank you again! :
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