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Bachelorette Party?

When is this typically held? Growing up, I always thought this was a party with just the bridal party and maybe a few other good girlfriends the night before the wedding...but now that I'm actually planning my wedding, I don't see how this sort of thing fits with the wedding-weekend schedule! With a RD getting out close to 9ish, and wanting to get sleep the night before the wedding, going out for a party after the RD seems crazy! When, then, is the traditional/accepted/"normal" time to have a bachelorette party? Plus (to make things more complicated), one of my bridesmaids is still a college student out-of-state, so she is only going to be in town for the wedding after arriving Thursday night, all day Friday for the bridesmaid luncheon, rehearsal and RD, and the wedding itself on Saturday. Anything would be appreciated; none of my bridesmaids are quite sure when to plan it! ;) Thanks!
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Re: Bachelorette Party?

  • Typically it's held sometime in the two months or so before the wedding; more traditionally in the month before.  If you're planning something crazy, don't do it the weekend of the wedding, but if you're just planning a spa day or a night in with your girlfriends, you could have it that weekend. 

    Your bridesmaids don't all have to attend, and please, please, please don't put any pressure on them to.  Seriously, when I have seen friendships damaged over weddings, it's almost always had to do with bachelor/bachelorette parties.
  • Mine was thrown a month before the wedding. I agree, the night before the wedding is not good. Even if it was low-key, you want to get to bed fairly early and be well-rested for the wedding day. If not all the BMs can attend, that's OK. Two of mine were unable to make it: one because she was across the country, and one was on bed rest until the wedding because of some early contractions (she was 8 months pregnant). It was NBD. Also, if the hostess of the b-party asks for a guest list, it's perfectly OK to invite non-WP members as long as they're also invited to the wedding.

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  • Mine was 3 weeks before the wedding.
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  • I just found out mine will likely be the week before the wedding
  • Mine is the middle of July, so 4 months out, but that is due to out of town BMs being home
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  • I'm throwing one that's going to be the night before the wedding, because that is what the bride requested. Almost everybody invited (including the bride) is coming in from out of town for it, and it's the only made sense for this particular instance. That being's not the best. I'm hoping we can strike the balance of having a good time on Friday and not being too hungover on Saturday...but I would not recommend it unless absolutely necessary!
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