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Rehersal Dinner Invite Wording- Bride & Groom hosting

We are holding our wedding in a VFW type hall and have the whole day before to decorate. We are going to be holding the rehersal dinner the evening before and I wanted to send out invites. Any ideas on how to word the invites so that everyone knows if they want to help decorate show up at 10am but the actual rehersal is at 4pm with pizza and beer after? (yes, we are those people who are serving pizza and beer at the rehersal dinner!). Thanks for any input!

Re: Rehersal Dinner Invite Wording- Bride & Groom hosting

  • I have always got invitations to the rehearsal dinners but that maybe because I had to choose my meal.
    I would think you could just put the 4pm time on the invite and then by word of mouth let them know about getting there earlier if they can and are willing to help set-up.
  • We're not doing formal invites (less paper, less cost, less waste LOL).  We're just telling our bridal party what time the rehearsal is and everyone else what time the RD is.  

    As for your invites, you can word it anyway you like.  For example:

    Bride and Groom
    Cordially Invites you to a 
    Rehearsal Dinner
    to be held at the 
    VFW Hall at 4 pm
    on Friday, June ...
    Pizza and beer to be served

    If interested, decoration of the hall begins at 10 am if you would like join the fun!
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