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Step-Sister and Bachelorette party

My step-sister, who is a bridesmaid, was quite offended the other night when she brought up my bachelorette party and I told her to talk to my MOH about details, as said MOH is in charge. She said that she thought she should be in charge because she's the only one of my bridesmaids that would really throw a wild bachelorette party (She's thinking bar crawl, strippers, and an huge degree of booze and penis party favors). 

For some background, my step-sister and I are a year apart, and generally have been close, but our personalities could not be more different, especailly when it comes to our views on partying and what we find fun. She likes to get drunk and really go crazy, whereas I do not enjoy drinking at all (I get sick very easily and stay ill for days) and dislike loud, crowded, and crazy environments and anything makes me really stand out of a crowd. Needless to say, her idea of a wild crazy bachelorette party would be fairly miserable for me and a good chunk of the friends that I'd invite. I'd just as soon forgo a bachelorette party in the traditional sense and go hiking or something with a group of friends. 

Is it wrong for me to ask her to plan with MOH, who I  trust to filter out the things that she knows I would really dislike? Also, is it wrong to ask for a bachelorette party that suits my style even though it might not be as much fun for some people involved? Has anyone been in similar situations?

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Re: Step-Sister and Bachelorette party

  • I agree that the crazy party thing is not enjoyable, even less so if your having it the night before the wedding (you do not want to walk down the aisle with a hangover lol). Maybe you could tell your step sister that you really think that you MOH wants to handle the details but you apreciate her offering to help because its a big responsibility.

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