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throw own bridal shower?

I know, it's not supposed to be "good etiquette" but I'm starting to worry. I would really like to have a bridal shower -- a way for my local friends to get together before my wedding (we are getting married where we live, but most of family and friends live OOT). I have two bridesmaids that are local, but my MOH is two states away. My local bridesmaids claimed they were going to throw me a shower but we're 2 1/2 months out and no shower. In addition, my mother is going to Alaska in 3 weeks and will be gone for a month (and she lives 400 miles away.) What do I do? Forget the shower, even though I would really like to have one? (And, no, it's not because of gifts).

Re: throw own bridal shower?

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    You can have a get together any time you want.  And you can host the get together.  Just don't call it a shower, a bachelor party, or any other wedding related term.

    Just because you're getting married, every get together with friends/family doesn't have to be somehow related to your wedding.  Go out to dinner.  Like you did before you got a sparkly on your finger.  Like you'll do after you get a band on your finger.

    Have a great time with your friends, and GL.
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    I honestly think someone will eventually throw you a shower. I wouldn't assume, but I think when it gets down to it and people realize that one hasn't been thrown yet, someone will put something together for you. 2 1/2 months out is still a while. I am getting married in 6 weeks and still have not had a shower yet. My showers are going to be 2-3 weeks before the wedding. Maybe your BM's are just talking to everyone who should be invited and trying to determine a time that will work for everyone. I would relax for now, and if for some reason, a shower is not thrown, go with what PP's said and host an open house or something afterward.
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    You still have plenty of time for your BMs to throw you a shower.  Relax.

    But if they don't, then there isn't a shower.  You can't throw it yourself.  And as PP said, the entire point of a shower is to "shower" the bride with gifts. 

    Have a party or lunch or something for the sake of having one if you just want to get together with your friends, or family.  Just don't associate it with the wedding.
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    Couldnt you just ask your Bridesmaids if they are plainning on throwing you a shower? Or is that not proper?
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