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Excited about e-party!

I'm about three weeks away from my e-party and I'm super excited. It'll be at a very casual mexican place where guest will be offered beer or a marg when they arrive and then apps and of course chips and salsa.  Very very casual and in my cousins budget :) 

Side note-I'm so grateful my cousin offered to host.  My FI and I have been together 4+ years, have two kids and recently bought a house together. Everyone has been happy for us and our engagement but I have this feeling if we were 23 with no kiddos etc everyone would be much more EXCITED for us or something.  It makes me happy my cousin is so happy and excited for us.  I hope this e-party gets people in the wedding mood lol (I know it's silly and we've got a year left of planning but hopefully you all know what I mean).
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