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Hi all! I'm the MOH for my best friend's wedding; her and the fiance live in California, but met and went to school out here. Family's all out there; friends mostly out here. I know her FMIL/aunt is planning a west coast shower, and I'm debating planning an east coast shower for her during a planned trip in September. I know east coast friends will be invited to the west coast shower, but will be unlikely to attend. 

My questions is, is it reasonable to throw her another shower, even though there will be no overlap between attendees? I'm also thinking about how I'd phrase invites. I wouldn't want people to bring large gifts (it'd be easier if things would be shipped directly to CA), but don't want to be too presumptious on the invite.

Any tips? Has anyone been part of a bi-coastal wedding before?
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Re: Bi-coastal showers

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    If you would like to throw her another shower, that's lovely.  Why don't you ask her if she'd like the shower--it would probably be a good idea anyway, since she'll only have limited time during her trip--and see what she says? 

    As for the gifts, you can't tell people what kinds of things to bring as gifts, but I would think that guests realize that she lives across the country and would give smaller gifts.  You could also have part of your gift to her (the shower is really the gift, so part of that, I guess) be helping her get her gifts home. 
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    I think it would be very nice to throw her a shower while she's in town.  I'd definitely check with her, though, to make sure she has the time. 

    I live in AZ, but had a shower in NY.  Like PP said, the guests knew the situation and for the most part, got me smaller gifts, some gift cards, and some had the gifts shipped to AZ and put a picture of it in the card for the shower.  I filled a suitcase with all the gifts and checked it on the flight home. 
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