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Couple's Wedding shower, Alternative way to open gifts.

I am having a couples wedding shower.  The complaints my family (and I)  always has about showers is that 
  • The bride never spends any time with her guests. 
  • Opening gifts can take hours.
So to avoid this at my shower my bridesmaids, mother, and soon to be mother in-law have come up with this idea to have people put their wrapped present at their table in the center (in lue of a center pice) and jesse and I would go to each table and open the gifts at each table and chat with the people at each table.  

We are having a backyard BBQ type of shower. 

What are your thoughts? 

Re: Couple's Wedding shower, Alternative way to open gifts.

  • I think it's fine, but it's possible that once you start opening presents people may stop and watch anyway.

    Why not start the shower a little earlier and make it point to walk around and talk to all your guests before you start opening presents?
  • I had three showers and was able to mingle and socialize with my guests at every single one. The big event at a shower is opening gifts, and many guests WANT to see you open gifts when they come to a shower. If it is a couple's shower, could you be opening one while FI opens one simultaneously? You can still show what each present is, but it might speed it up some. Perhaps eat at the beginning of the shower and mingle with people, then open gifts, then plan some time to just hang with people after the gifts are opened. That's how my showers went and it worked just fine. They all lasted about two- three hours, which I think is typical for a shower.

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    I like Summer2011's solution. Eat and socialize first, start opening the gifts while the guests are enjoying dessert. Since it's an outdoor party, you could have lawn games available just in case there are guests who get bored with the gift opening.

    I have also seen mentioned on this board what is called a 'Come and Go' shower. It's set up like an open house with guests arriving throughout the afternoon, and leaving whenever they like. The bride opens the gifts from the guests as they arrive. I've never been to this type of shower, but the concept sounds interesting.
  • Guests want to see you open your gifts. That's the point of the shower. Start the shower an hour earlier so you have time to mingle.
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  • we are doing a fun switch up on gift opening. WE are going to play a game during the shower and in this game when they roll a certain number on the die then we will stop and the bride will open 2 gifts, I am thinking that will cover opening all the gifts by the end of a few rounds.

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