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Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party

My weeding is less than two months away and my bridemaids havent brought up the subject of a bridal shower or bachelorette party. I would like to know if they are planning on throwing either for me. Is it okay to ask them? I dont want to be rude or presumptuous. What would be the best say to ask them?

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    You can't ask them without sounding presumptuous.  That's why you're having difficulty figuring out how to do it.
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    Not OK to ask. If you want one last hurrah with your girls before the wedding, suggest you all get together for drinks one night, but don't make it a party for you or about your wedding.

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    Hmm I find that extremely odd - if they want to keep it a secret that's great and all but as your wedding is getting closer and closer, they are just stressing you out more by waiting. I'd lean on your mom to find out some info if you're really worried about it or ask them yourself.

    I've been "brainstorming" party ideas (the actual planning in is their hands) with my BMs for all the pre-wedding parties. I started as soon as I got engaged though and mainly because the girls are in two different cities and it's hard to coordinate schedules unless you plan ahead (I needed to know dates to fly home, take of work, etc.).

    Good luck!

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    I disagree with most of these posts. It is find to ask if someone is throwing the parties (which traditionally they should). But if they aren't you still have time to throw something together yourself. These parties don't have to be expensive for your friends. Most showers are held in the MOH's home and the bridesmaids as well as the Mother of the Bride pitch in for simple food and games.
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