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Help with wording: two engagement parties hosted in different cities

We are fortunate to have family and friends all over the country, and while my parents will be hosting an engagement for us where we live (Los Angeles), our good friend offered to throw us one in New York so that we could celebrate with friends and family in the northeast. I am struggling with how to word the invitation so that people know they are welcome to attend either, but need not attend both (and do not feel pressured to attend any if they live in a different part of the country altogether!). My idea was to structure the invite as an announcement, i.e. "Announcing the Engagement of __ & ___" and then add "Please join us for a party in their honor," then list the two parties below. Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Help with wording: two engagement parties hosted in different cities

  • I would have the hosts each do their own invites and invite those that are local.  It would seem odd to me if I was a member of your family on the West Coast and was given the "option" of attending a party on the East Coast.  The friends in NY can send invites to guests on the East Coast and your parents can send them to those on the West Coast.  As the host, sending invites should be their responsibility anyways.
  • Why wouldn't you just invite East coast people to the East coast party and vice versa.  And anyone in between to the one closest to them.  It would be unseemly to invite a guest to two engagement parties whether that was your intention or not.  It just screams gift grab.  In my opinion, you have to decide who goes to which party and be done with it.
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