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Nanny suggestions/ideas

I have a question for you girls.
I am the last one to be getting married in my family so all of my siblings have little ones. This is the first time planning a wedding with this many kids involved and that will be invited. We are thinking that we need to hire a nanny or two to help watch the kids during most of the night.  My sister is in the area and my neices go to pre k, we might have some luck asking someone involved in the school, but where else could we look to?  Has anyone been in the same situation as we are now?

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Re: Nanny suggestions/ideas

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    I know that one of the girls who got married in October actually had some other Knotties man the "kids' room" at her wedding.  Of course, you'd have to really trust them for that (and she'd known them at least a year).

    You might check with your venue to see if they've done that and if they have recs..  We had kids at our wedding and they weren't at all an issue (in fact they are featured several times dancing with lots of people in our video), but I can see where you might want a nursery.

    The only other thing I can think of is checking with a sorority at a local college.



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    My parents always used to get babysitters from the Dallas Theological Seminary-- young couples who always wanted some ready cash, and you know the guy has already been pre-screened! Also, suggestions from a local church are also helpful.
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