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Rehearsal and RD Questions

Let me preface everything by saying we are on a TIGHT budget and due to the structure of my FI group of friends, we have a large wedding party (6 on each side).  It was an all of his friends or none of his friends kind of deal. 
We are still in the process of looking for an officiant who won't break the bank, recognizing a rehearsal could cost extra.  We want a really custom ceremony so I'd honestly just love someone who would read a script we wrote and make it official.  So, because we are creating the whole ceremony, do we even need a rehearsal?  We are not guaranteed the ballroom the night before where we are getting married but can show the WP where to go in the morning once it is set up. 

In regards to the RD, we are looking at 30ish people (thats just immediate family, WP and their significant others)!  If having a rehearsal and therefore a RD we just are going to do a casual restuarant (thinking Uno Chicago and ordering pizza for all).  In that situation it would probably be feasible to pay for a round or two of beers for everyone but NOT all you can drink.  Is it okay to say/do that or should it be an all or none kind of thing (in this case it would be a none b/c these people can throw them back)?

Ugh right now the R and RD are more stressful than the whole reception!

Re: Rehearsal and RD Questions

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    [QUOTE]No,  you don't "have" to have a rehearsal, and a rehearsal dinner is not necessary if you don't have one. Most people actually don't need a's another of those things that's become ingrained into wedding culture.  Just send everyone an outline of the ceremony, and tell them all where to stand. If you do decide to do the rehearsal, a casual RD is fine.  Pizza parties are very common for them. I wouldn't serve alcohol at all if you can't afford unlimited rounds of drinks....and frankly, it's better if you don't serve it. You want everyone to have a clear head for the next day.
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    thanks for this!! I may or may not have a rehearsal...I have a very traditional family,and I wanted to know if thats ok to not have a R/RD...
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