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XP Rehearsal Ceremony/dinner

We are having a ceremony rehearsal, should we have a rehearsale dinner as well? I know nothing about these as we've never been to one. Who do you invite? What type of dinner is it? Does it have to be dinner?

I'm thinking that since we are have a rehearsal, and the wedding party needs to be there, the least we can do to thank them is have one.
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Re: XP Rehearsal Ceremony/dinner

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    That's right : ) The point of the rehearsal dinner is to thank those who took time out of their day to participate in the rehearsal. It can be as simple as pizza, a backyard barbecue or it can be a sit down dinner at a restaurant or anything in between.You should invite anyone who is expected at the rehearsal along with their significant others. The RD does not have to match the formality of the wedding.
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    MPoppy is 100% correct :)


  • I agree 100%. You might need to invite OOT guests too, depending on timing/where they are staying. The MOG will have an OOT aunt staying with her for my daughter's weddding and I will have my sister staying with me so they will be invited to the RD - it would be rude to leave them sitting at our homes! :)
  • Agree with PPs.  Our RD was both immediate families, everyone participating in the ceremony and some OOT guests (plus any and all SOs).  We did not invite all OOT guests who would be at the wedding - it would have been a second reception - but we did include any OOT guests already around and/or staying with family as opposed to at the hotel. My ILs hosted and we had a dinner buffet at the restaurant DH and I went to on our first date.

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