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Bridal Shower Location?

hello BFF recently got engaged and she asked me to be her MOH. This is my first time as a MOH and I'm VERY excited and want it to be perfect for her. The wedding will be in October, 2012. I know it's a ways off...but I'd like to start looking around at things...Im a little excited! LOL. Any suggestions on locations for her bridal shower?

Re: Bridal Shower Location?

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    As PP stated many are at houses, we could not do that as my MOH has a roomate who is a bit "off" with some huge dogs. She chose to rent a room at our church that has a full size kitchen so she can cook there. It was more then I ever wanted her to spend but she wanted it to use for the theme she wants to run with and she said she wants to do it big or go home and she won't let her mom who is a planner out do her lol. If she had not been able to get a room there she was going to look at clubhouses or rec halls. Certainly talk to others before planning as when I have done parties before some were able to financially contribute and some were not but still were able to help organize and set up so their names went on invites as hostess as well. Just keep a budget in the front of your mind.
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