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Guess who showed up for my Bachelorette party...

My MOH's boyfriend.
He was going out with his friends that night so she told him NOT to come to the place we were because it was strictly girls night and frankly, i dont get a long with him very well. Not even an hour into us being there, we run into his friends and are told he is not coming. Too bad he showed up a few minutes later! I was bothered by it but kept a smile on my face and my friends and I moved closer to the DJ to continue dancing. I really would not care if he was there with his friends except he constantly found us and included himself in the party. I was proud of myself for not going "bridezilla" and spazzing out, I just smiled ignored it and had a fun night. It just really bothered me because I feel that was very rude when he KNEW it was my bachelorette party. My MOH did not have a problem with it and just laughed about it. I would certainly be pissed if i told my bf/fi/dh I was going out for a friends Bachelorette party and he just popped up!  Just wanted to vent!!
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Re: Guess who showed up for my Bachelorette party...

  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut mod
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    He sounds obnoxious. Good for you, for not letting it ruin your night.
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    I'd be pissed, too, but you handled it very well. 
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  • unplainjaneunplainjane member
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    you should be proud of how you reacted and still had a good night. your MOH should've told him to get lost. that's not cool that he kept showing up. actually it's pretty pathetic for a guy to want to crash a bachelorette party.
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    Thank you ladies :-)  I really wanted to throw a fit but then I realized that would make everyone else uncomfortable and ruin my night for myself as well. I just went into the bathroom and looked at another friend and said "WTF" then just went back out lol Its really crazy how this wedding and planning has helped me grow as a person as far as my attitudes and reactions to other people.
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    Have you talked to your Maid of Honor about it? Not that you need to and it sounds like you handled it in the best way (seeing as you ended up happy and having had a good time), but here's hoping that they don't pull stunts like that in the future! True, you won't have another bachelorette party, but there will be other ladies only events in your life that you probably would prefer he not attend. She might need some help understanding that so that it doesn't eventually drive a wedge into your friendship. Glad you had a fun night, his rudeness aside.
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    that is not right, but you handled it the right way!
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