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How do I know who else is hosting this shower?

I'm throwing my brother's fiance a bridal shower and am happy to foot the bill and plan it all myself if necessary. As of right now other than a work shower, this is the only shower in the works. (Oct wedding) Given that it could be the only one, I want her MOH & other bridesmaids to be involved if they so desire. I sent out an email to that effect a couple days ago. I've gotten one response thus far that said something like "I'll help out if need be, just let me know." What exactly does that mean? How do I proceed? Do I just put "given by her bridesmaids" on the invites, do I ask for a financial contribution (which I feel somewhat uncomfortable asking for outright)? The other bms don't live close enough for us to get together. Does that mean I just include them on emails with my shower ideas and ask them for input? I don't want to sound crass, but if others are unable to help or contribute financially, I'd rather not include their names as hosts on the invite.

Re: How do I know who else is hosting this shower?

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    That's not crass. If you are throwing the shower on your own, then you should list yourself, only, as the hostess on the invitations.

    If you do get a few volunteers, you should ask them what they would like to contribute. You only need to get input from those that are helping. Treat the others like you would treat any other guests.

    As far as the bm that will help 'if need be,' - I wouldn't count on her help, but you probably figured that out, already. What a strange response!

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