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Need alternative suggestions to a Bridal Shower

My sister is having her wedding in California but she lives in NY, so she won't be around to attend a bridal shower.  And since her friends are all over the country, they wouldn't be able to attend one either. 

Since I'm her MOH, I'm looking for ideas to what we can do instead. 

She is having a bachelorette party which I can't attend since it will involve bar hopping and I'm pregnant. 

Any interesting, unique, bizzarre or otherwise fun ideas? 

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Re: Need alternative suggestions to a Bridal Shower

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    Could you all do something the day before the wedding such as manicures/pedicures/ lunch and treat the bride? You could invite the mothers as well. It would be a nice bonding time.

    I've also heard of having a shower and if the bride can't attend Skype her in. 

    How soon before the wedding will she and her bridesmaids be coming into town? If she's coming a week before and family will be around maybe have the shower the weekend before the wedding even if the bridesmaids won't be there yet.

    Good luck! 
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    The day of the bachelorette, start off by going out to get mani-pedis together, and maybe chair massages.  Then maybe dinner before they embark on all the drinking?  They'll need something in their stomachs :)
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    I like the idea of going over or doing something with her before the bachelorette.. dinner, mani/pedis that will be cute.. I know I would enjoy that with my friends/family that couldn't come that night
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    I don't think you should miss out on the bachelorette party just because you're pregnant... like a pp said, just order virgin drinks. 

    Re: the Bridal Shower - Is your sister coming to CA anytime before the wedding?  I live in CA but am getting married in MA.  I'm coming back a 2 times for whirlwind 36 hour trips between now and November.  I just found out that I am being thrown a shower during one of my trips.  That could be a possibility...
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    A friend of a friend is doing a shower by mail where they are requesting that all gifts be mailed to arrive on a specific date. I'm sure some will be early and some will be late, but I thought it was a fun alternative to a shower.

    I am with everyone else on the Bachelorette party, just don't drink or order virgin drinks! She'll love to have you there!
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