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No alcohol bachelorette party ideas?

I am trying to plan a bachelorette party for my sister. Her two future sister in laws do not drink and our youngest sister is not 21 yet. I have been a little stuck as what to do for her that doesn't involve drinking and isn't totally lame. Doing a spa day is out because the bridal party will be doing manis/pedis closer to the wedding day. The bachelorette party will also be in January in Michigan so anything outdoorsy is out as well :( Any suggestions?!

Re: No alcohol bachelorette party ideas?

  • Dinner? Ski trip? An afternoon of sledding? Theater? Ummm... a night of 80's style bowling? You can dress up in your best (worst) 80's clothes and hit up the lanes at midnight when they put on the blacklights and loud music.
  • We went to a drag queen dinner show with my 18 yo BM. It was a blast.
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  • My attendants are my kids and all under 21. We went to a waterpark in the Dells and had a blast. There are lots of great indoor parks anymore!
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  • I took my sister out to for a spa mani-pedi, dinner at her favorite restaurant, and Magic Mike the movie. No alcohol was consumed at any time.
  • My Best friend doesn't drink.  So she and I have plenty of alcohol free events we do, and its sometimes more fun. Just hope the guest aren't shy.
    Laser Tag, Bowling, Arcades, Ice Skating, Slumber Party, you can still have a nice dinner out so if someone wants a cocktail they can have one.
    A hotel for the weekend would be fun where you can watch movies, and play board games without bothering anyone else.  There are tons of events to do, even though its january in MI. And these events might be more fun than bar hopping.
    August 9, 2015
  • Wow you all gave me a ton of ideas!!! I am the only BM who will be at least 21... the Bride doesn't even turn 20 for another year... Thank you for your awesome ideas ladies!!!
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