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Rehersal Dinner Guest List...

I have several family members on both sides (his and mine) that have big parts in the wedding (ie: my aunt is making the cake, his aunt is doing the flowers) so would they be invited to the rehersal dinner eventhough they don't have an actual role in the ceremony??

Re: Rehersal Dinner Guest List...

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    I'd say yes, unless you are paying them or unless you're doing something else special for them. Our RD guestlist keeps growing...So we're rethinking our restaurant idea. This is where all the surprise costs come into play!
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    I think it would be nice of you to invite them.  I have an aunt doing flowers to and her kids are coming in from out of town, so I invited the whole bunch.  It's just a nice gesture to keep them included and to thank them for the help.
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    I think it's probably a good idea.  They are working hard for your wedding, and dinner would be a really nice gesture. 
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