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What gift to get shower hosts as a thank you?

What did you get/are you going to get your shower hosts as a thank you gift? My shower hosts are my mom and my fiance's mom.

Re: What gift to get shower hosts as a thank you?

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    My MOH and BMs are hosting mine. I am getting them things personalized to their tastes. MOH is getting a nice bottle of wine, 2 BM's are getting bath and beauty products, and the last BM is getting a potted plant or flowers.

    I plan on writing them nice thank you notes after the shower.
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    My mom and my bridal party hosted mine. I gave them a handwritten note along with some bath goodies from Bath & Body Works and thanked them for my shower and said now go enjoy yours.
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    My bridesmaids and mother are hosting my shower so for the gifts I am doing shower recovery kits.

    I got them a bottle of their favorite wine and a wine glass. I am going to get them some chocolate as well. I got them some bath and body works stuff to relax. And I am also getting them a starbucks gift card to gear them up for what's in store next.

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