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Hey all - so i know as a bride i do not get involved in pre-wedding party activities.  but my one bm is all excited about throwing my bach party and i have to say i'm hearing the word "stripper" around her a bit too many times for my liking... it honestly is just not really my thing and i don't find it enjoyable (you'd think she'd know this but i think SHE really likes the idea...)... is there a nice way to let her know i'm really not interested in going that route????  i was thinking about telling her that we were considering implementing a "no stripper" bach party rule for either of us (which she should understand!!!) would that work?

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    You're right, you're not involved in the planning process. HOWEVER, if a BM is telling you something that you know you are uncomfortable with- tell her.

     Mention to your friend: "Hey, I know you keep talking about strippers, but honestly, that is making me really uncomfortable. I love that you're planning this awesome party for me, but could we please have no strippers, I would feel more comfortable that way." 

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    I agree with palmetto let her know thats not something you are not comfortable with, I think alot of people think bach party means stripper and everyone wants that. I am with you I dont want that at all. Your BM sounds like she watns you to have a great time and make this a great party for you. I had a bm who wanted the wedding and party to be all about her what she wanted her ideas. She talked about going to Key West for the Bach party which is a good drive none of the BM would have gone to that,
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    Implementing a "No Stripper" policy is definitly appropriate, if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Although a bride is not involved in her planning, I always think it's weird when the planner doesn't even ask the bride what kind of party she wants (big, small, relaxed, crazy, drinking, strippers, etc.). If you're hearing things you don't like, now is definitely the time to speak up. You don't get to tell them exactly what to do, but you can absolutely state your preference for a stripper-free party.

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