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My best friend is getting married in November and I am her Matron of Honor. It will be a small wedding but my question is about the showers. When I got married she was wonderful and threw me a bridal shower and a lingerie shower with my bachelorette party right after. I really want to do all this for her but I live 2 hours away and I am very busy. Would it be appropriate to have all 3 parties on the same saturday doing a bridal shower brunch then the lingerie shower and bachelorette party later that evening? 

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    I would host a shower early in the day, then a bachelorette party in the evening.  3 events in 1 day is too much in my opinion. 

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    Yea I agree. Lingerie and bachelorette really kinda go together. The idea would be to have the lingerie shower and all that are there end up going out with us dancing or whatever.
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    [QUOTE]I think that will end up being a guest gougefest although that isn't your intent. Two gifts, plus the activity, is a bit much.
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    This.  Nix the lingerie shower -- not everyone has a lingerie shower and the bride shouldn't expect it even though she threw one for you.  I think even doing the bach party the same day as the shower is a bit much.  Makes for a very long day.  You have plenty of time between now and November to plan the two parties on separate days.  Does wittling it down to two parties make it seem more do-able with your driving time? Not that it should be a major factor.  I work with a guy who drives nearly 2 hours just to get to work.

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    I think you can pull off the bachlorette party and the shower (1) - on the same day. But, usually - depending on the crowd of course, not everyone at the shower attends the bachlorette.

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