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Do I have to invite the grooms sisters and mother to my bachelorette party?

I love my future in-laws, but they are not the beer drinking, "crazy party"  type and I just won't be able to let loose and be myself if they are at my bach party. So, my question is whether or not I have to invite them, but more importantly, do they even expect it??

His sisters are both 10 years older than me and regular church goers. My friends will be on their best behavior if I ask them to be, but we want to be able to go to the baseball game and then let loose drinking beer and being silly the rest of the evening. We are not by any means going to have a stripper or anything (we are in our 30's) but having them around may put a damper on things.


Re: Do I have to invite the grooms sisters and mother to my bachelorette party?

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    I'm having an issue about inviting my FI's sister too...what I've been told is to just extend the curteousy invite. Maybe explain to the sisters what your plans are and they won't want to go since it doesn't sound like their thing. Or they'll go to the baseball game and pass on the bars afterwards.

    I wouldn't ask anyone to restrict their behavior just because you think someone else might be offended. Its a party for you and your girls to have fun, whatever that means to you. Also, just because they are "regular church goers" and older than you doesn't mean they don't understand what goes on at bachelorette parties.

    I've never heard of inviting a MOB or FMIL to a bachelorette party...but that's just me.
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    Ummmm, just for the record I work in a church and I enjoy a beer at a baseball game.  =)

    I've never heard of moms being invited to a b-party to begin with, so unless it's common in your circle, I'd say that there's not a reason to extend the invitation to them.

    Do you know that your FSIL's will just be Judgy McJudgersons at the baseball game, or are you projecting that you THINK they'll react that way?

    And another consideration:  are they in the WP?  Because typically WP members are included in the b-party.

    Now.....if you want to avoid potential, why not just have a girl's outing to a baseball game with your friends?  Don't call it your b-party or any other wedding related party.  Then it's just a g2g with friends.
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    The bachelorette party should really be an event for you and your close friends.  I don't think my FI's sister would be particularly upset if she weren't invited to mine (even though we're good friends) and mothers are not traditionally invited to them anyway. 

    If you really want to include them, perhaps you can invite them to the baseball game and then go out with just the bar crowd afterward.  Or you can invite them to the 'festivities' but make it clear that you will be bar crawling and all that entails.  If they have a problem with it, they'll decline.
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    I have no idea who is invited to my party as my girls are keeping it all hush hush.  I just know that they told the groom which day I had to be available and he suggested it might be for something like that. 

    I hope if they are planning things they can't even tell me about that they don't invite my fmil or my mom!  His sister will probably be invited as everyone knows we are good friends. 

    I would suggest if you have a problem with them being invited you let the girls do the planning and inviting and you just go along for the ride.
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