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Bachelorette Party invite question

A close male friend of mine is having a destination wedding in the fall. Invites have already gone out (though if they already knew you were coming, they didn't send you one -- WTF?). So now invited for the shower and bachelorette party have gone out. My sister and friend who were invited (and going) to the wedding, were also invited to the shower - but not the bachelorette party. I know every bride is different, but when I got married, we invited all my husband's and my lady friends because we felt it was the right thing to do. I feel that if the bride wanted to keep the bachelorette small, she should have kept it to her bridal party, family, and HER close friends. The only reason I'm invited is because I'm close with the groom - not the bride.

Is it wrong of me to find it extremely rude to not invite people to your bachelorette party who you know are shelling out a bunch of money to attend your wedding? If I'm in the minority, it's cool. I'm just looking for others' take on the siutation.
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Re: Bachelorette Party invite question

  • zr8derzzr8derz member
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    I'm with StageManager on this one.... only MY closest friends are coming the bach event. We are talking 8 girls. Personally, I would feel relieved that I didn't have to spend a bunch of money on yet one more event if I wasn't close with the bride.
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    There are plenty of people invited to my wedding I wouldn't want at my bachelorette party.  
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  • JCM10JCM10 member
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    I've only been to 3 bachelorettes, but they were all smaller than 10 people. My fiance don't really have friends that aren't mutual (except people from before college), but I can't imagine even inviting most of our friends to my bachelorette. In my circle they tend to get drunken/trashy, and I wouldn't want anyone there besides close friends (mine will be my bridesmaids and college roomates). I think it's odd that you got invited, actually...

    Plus, bachelorettes are just another expense for the guest! I think small is a favor to everyone. 
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