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Need help with gift ideas! :)

I would like to get the 2 BMs that are hosting my bachelorette party a gift.  Also I would like to do something nice for each girl that will come to the weekend beach celebration but can't afford to spend tons of money.  Any suggestions?

My fiance's parents aren't hosting our rehearsal dinner but a few family memebers are.  Do I get them gifts too?

Also should my fiance and I give my parents a gift for paying for our entire wedding?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Re: Need help with gift ideas! :)

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    Ditto Retread. Thank you gifts aren't necessary. Thank you notes for the hosts are.

    If you want to buy each of the bp hosts a gift, a box of chocolates, bottle of wine or a gift card would be nice. Don't buy trinkets for them or the attendees. If you're going out to a bar or restaurant, buy a round of drinks. Or you could treat everyone to freshly made coffee and pastry the morning after or breakfast out, if your budget allows it.

    You don't have to give gifts to the parents, either. But if you do, treat them all equally. A frame with a promise of a wedding picture of you and your new husband with each set of  parents would be nice. You and fi should write a thank you note to your parents for hosting the wedding. If you decide to give them an extra gift, which isn't necessary, do it privately.
  • Agree - you don't have to purchase gift for everyone. I have seen journals that you can purchase for specific people. Not sure if thats something that you would have time for. The one I saw was "For my parents on my wedding day". Just an idea, you can do a google search for those.Good luck
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