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Rehearsal Dinner menu inspiration?

I am looking for some advice/suggestions on what type of food to serve at our rehearsal dinner.  We are having a pretty formal reception dinner, (plated  choice of filet mignon or chicken cordon bleu) and would like to have sort of a "middle of the road" feel for the rehearsal dinner, so not too formal, not too casual.  I asked Goldmoor Inn (the place where we are having the RD, as well as the ceremony, and who is catering the RD) for some options/ideas, but they haven't been much help as far as suggestions; basically telling me the options are wide-open with their chef and that I should come up with some ideas for them first and then they could tell me what something like that would cost. 
What type of food is everyone having for their RD? I'd love to hear others' ideas and get some inspiration.  And also, are you doing plated or buffet-style for the RD?  (Our rehearsal dinner will probably be held outdoors there on a patio on a bluff overlooking water if that helps at all for ideas)  Thanks in advance!
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Re: Rehearsal Dinner menu inspiration?

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    We are doing a buffet at a local BBQ place.  We wanted something more casual since our reception is more formal.
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    We did Southwestern--we are in Dallas but MIL thought Tex-Mex would be too much for the OOTs from up north!  Ours was buffet style.

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    We are having a formal sit down meal at a country club [filet, crab cakes & chicken cordon bleu] but I'm going a bit more casual with the RD. I think we'll end up doing lasagna or some other type of pasta and salad and breadsticks.
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