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Come and Go/Open House Bridal Shower

I'm not sure if this has been post before. I tried searching and couldnt' find anything, so if it has, my apologies.

Could someone please explain to me how a Come and Go/Open House shower works? I'm having one thrown for me by my FMIL's friends, and this is a concept I've never heard of or experienced before. They live in a small town where this is typical, but where I grew up, it was not. Do many people usually come? Do women and men come? Insight into this would be most appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Come and Go/Open House Bridal Shower

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    I've never been to one, but I imagine people come, drop off a gift, have a glass of punch and some cake or whatever, chit chat a few minutes, and move on with their day.  You should ask your FMIL if it's co-ed and how it all works.  
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