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I've posted in the past about "ideas" for my cousin's bachelorette party.  Nothing really panned out the way I was thinking, or I just decided the ideas weren't worthwhile, so now I'm sort of down to a bare bones situation.

My cousin/MOH's bachelorette party is in two days, in Milwaukee (where I am not from).  I'm in charge of planning it.  She requested that we have dinner, then go barhopping around downtown.  That's the basis for the night, and we'll be staying a nearby hotel at the end of the evening.  About 15 of her friends are coming. 

I need to do SOMETHING other than just have people go walking around like it's a regular night.  I don't want to make her too uncomfortable, no raunchy/super-embarrassing dare games, but I just would feel like a crap MOH if we just hung out like any other night.  I'm needing some input.

Also, nobody is willing to chip in for costs, which is fine, but I can't foot the bill for a limo on my own.  Part of the night is going to be walking around bar-to-bar, but do I need to provide transportation from the restaurant into the downtown area?  Or do they all cover that themselves?

I read on another thread about having each girl write down 10 dares and then making a checklist out of them for her to do.  That seems good.  What's the punishment if she doesn't do the task?

Sorry this got so effing long.  Any help you can offer is good.  Remember it's down to the wire, so anything that involves too much pre-planning is out.  TIA, I hope.
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Re: Getting freaked out

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    Are you guys going to the hotel room beforehand?  If so, you could order a bottle of champagne (or bring one yourself) to start out the evening.  

    I would personally prefer just a really nice night out to having to do dares or something, so I'm not much help there, sorry.  

    If you are that familiar with the area, maybe the ladies on the Wisconsin board could help by suggesting some specific bars and clubs that you shouldn't miss.  

    Good luck!
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    No, you don't need to provide transportation from dinner to downtown.  If anyone asks, just say that you assume folks are carpooling or grabbing a cab.  If someone complains, say that you'll arrange a limo if people want to chip in, but otherwise they're on their own.
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    When we did the dare stuff for my best friend, it was something along the lines of "for every dare completed, we buy you a drink" =P

    skip the limo. if they're not putting in for costs of group transportation then they can all figure out how they're getting down their on their own. i would just get the name of a local cab company, so that you have a number to call for a ride rather than having to catch random cabs coming down the street (unless you know that there are a lot of cabs going by where you're going to be).
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    Instead of dares, why not have a list of just fun stuff she has to do at each place? Or maybe, instead of singling her out, it's something you all have to do together?

     It's also at least a little fun to make her wear a silly veil or get one of those giant fake diamond engagement rings.
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