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Not in the bridal party - throw a shower?

Hey ladies.  I needed some opinions and this was the only place I could think to ask.  My sister-in-law was my maid of honor three years ago.  She's getting married in two months.  My husband (her brother) was not asked to be in the wedding and we told my mother-in-law that considering that I was trying to get pregnant, I think it best for me to not be in the party. To which mil replied, "oh she'll be so relieved she doesn't need to ask you."  She tried to backtrack, but yeah,..the relationships between my husband and me and the in-laws is not the greatest. 

Anyway - we're approximately 2 months before the wedding and I have not heard anything about a wedding shower.  SIL threw me a shower as my maid-of-honor, so I'm wondering if they're watiing for me to step up and reciprocate.  Her maid of honor is getting married a month after her and she has one other bridesmaid that I don't know.  I know it's nobody's job specifically, but traditionally, shouldn't her bridesmaids be throwing a shower, or, even though she was so releived she didn't need to ask me, do I need to step up as a sister-in-law?  Thanks for the opinions. 

Re: Not in the bridal party - throw a shower?

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    No, you are not obligated and shouldn't be expected to throw a shower.

    Let the bridal party or your MIL give her a shower.  And if they don't step up to the plate -- well, then she doesn't get one.  I wouldn't give it a second thought -- and I also wouldn't feel guilty for not offering to throw a shower.
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    I agree with StageManager14.  Throw her a shower if you would like, but you are in no way obligated to do so.  Her immediate family and bridesmaids should be handling.
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