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Hi all~ really need some insight on an issue that Im wrestling with Undecided.  We are having a Friday wedding with a 6pm ceremony start time...crazy I know right? But half of the guests work on the kind of schedule where they have Fridays off (at least that was my thought in the beginning) What I didnt take into consideration was trying to get ANYWHERE on the freeways on a Friday afternoon in SoCal.  But we are stuck at this point...what I have had was few people inquire about getting into the area earlier than guest arrival time (say 4ish) at the venue and wondering if I knew of a place they could go grab a cocktail? A light bulb kind of went off in regards to those that will be fighting traffic to get to our venue and offering up an alternative if they'd also like to arrive early...the problem, I'm not sure how to (if at all) introduce this to the other guests and we in no way have any additional expendable budget left to host a pre-ceremony mingler...sorry this is so long but would love any thoughts you may have!  Thank you! 

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