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Sending Invites to the rehersal dinner?

Our rehersal dinner is going to be kind of on the large side since we have a bunch of people traveling far, and all the wedding party had significant others and such - so I was thinking of sending a seperate invite to the rehersal dinner.  Good idea, or too much?  Also - should I send it along with the invite or separate?  I am leaning towards separate, but I wanted some opinions first.  Thanks guys!

Re: Sending Invites to the rehersal dinner?

  • JCM10JCM10 member
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    I've never been to a rehearsal dinner that didn't have its own invitation. Send it separate, especially if different people are hosting. It's a different event.
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    I would send a seperate invite. I think they're pretty common for RD dinners. 
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  • utegogglesutegoggles member
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    As apposed to? Would you combine it with something? Yes. It should have it's own invite..
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    We sent out separate invitations, and most that we have gone to had separate invites. We had a larger guest list (60ish people) and found that the easiest way to disseminate the information to everyone. I did not want to have call that many people. I did not have e-mail addresses for everyone. Plus I could get free postcards on VP.

    We sent ours separate from the wedding invitation. I thought we could hold off on the RD one until about a month beforehand; wedding invitations went out two months before. If you did it with the wedding invite, you'd have to be SUPER careful to not accidentally put it in someone's invite who wasn't actually invited to the RD. Also, since the wedding invitation would take center stage, you risk people not paying much attention to it/losing it/forgetting about it by the time the RD rolls around.

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  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    We sent out separate invites for the RD as it was just easier so on the day of our parents and ourselves weren't receiving tons of phone calls and text messages asking what time or where is it. My mom ordered the invites from vistaprint for super cheap and they came out really nice.
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    I have never been to a RD that had invitations mailed out. I have had a handful do E-vites for the RD. Funny....invites never even crossed my mind
  • veggienatveggienat member
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    Thanks everyone!  I would do an evite or something, but we are having about 60 people, and I don't have emails for a lot of them, so it would save me time by just sending a real invite.  I've always just gotten a phonecall invite to ones I have been to.
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